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Problem 1: Founders want content that ranks well on Google to get exposure.

Problem 2: Consumers want good 'x vs y' style articles to better understand new products/services and to better make decisions between competing products

Problem 3: Sites like 'AlternativeTo', 'Slant' etc generate automated content like this which ranks really well, but is generally lacking in quality and real insights.

Solution: Use our outline generator to find the top 'x vs y' queries on Google. Write great content that is better than the automated alternatives, but with the help of automation for the "boring" parts.

It's easy to do better than the automated alternatives. Choose to compete for more popular searches, or take advantage of the long tail and go for something more niche.

Enter any keyword below to generate an outline for an article that we think would rank well on Google. Or try one of the following examples: "tesla", "webflow", "telegram", "google", "iphone"

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Current keyword venture capital

venture capital vs. private equity vs. hedge fund vs. angel investing vs. investment banking vs. growth equity

Private Equity vs. venture capital

Private Equity is ... while venture capital is ...

Hedge Fund vs. venture capital

Hedge Fund is ... while venture capital is ...

Angel Investing vs. venture capital

Angel Investing is ... while venture capital is ...

Investment Banking vs. venture capital

Investment Banking is ... while venture capital is ...

Growth Equity vs. venture capital

Growth Equity is ... while venture capital is ...

Hedge Fund vs. private equity

Hedge Fund is ... while private equity is ...

Investment Banking vs. private equity

Investment Banking is ... while private equity is ...

Angel Investing vs. private equity

Angel Investing is ... while private equity is ...

Growth Equity vs. private equity

Growth Equity is ... while private equity is ...